Our Services

Executive Functioning


• Organization Techniques

• Time and Task Management

• Planning and Prioritizing effectively

• Goal-Setting

• Test-taking and Note-taking methods

• Test Anxiety Management

Academic Coaching


• Personalized attention

• Programs tailored to individual needs and learning styles

• Opportunity for students to learn how to learn and how to study smarter, not harder

• Encouraging and supportive environment in which students recognize their strengths and meet new challenges

• Enhanced confidence and self-esteem

• Homework guidance and help

Standardized Test Prep


• Expert analysis and instruction in a one-on-one setting 

• Academic coaches skilled in both content and test-taking strategies 

• Assessment of student’s strengths and areas in which progress can be made quickly

• Proven methods that improve active reading and math skills

• Increased confidence and focus

Progress Monitoring


• Monitor student progress through grade overviews, data tracking and frequent assessments.

• Develop meaningful learning goals

• Design interventions to meet learning goals

Virtual School Support


• Time Management & Schedule Setting

• Independent Study Skills

• Content related support

• Combining face-to-face coaching with distance learning