The Ease-Z Study Skills Program



 We use a variety of resources that help students create and maintain systems that allow them to track assignments, projects, exams and quizzes. 



 Students work closely with their academic coach to create road maps to reach academic and personal goals and complete assigned tasks. 

Time Management


  Students are taught how to effectively estimate how much time they have, how to allocate it and how to stay within time limits and deadlines. 

Test-taking Strategies


  Depending on your child’s learning style, we put together strategies that teach him how to study effectively and what to study to be successful on exams and quizzes. We emphasize early preparation to minimize test anxiety. 

Note-taking Strategies


 Every student’s preparation for exams and quizzes begins with efficient note taking skills. We help students to identify pertinent information as well as the cues given by their teachers during lectures.  

Prioritizing & Task Initiation


 We teach students to analyze the weight of assignment types and schedule tasks accordingly. Coaches encourage students to avoid procrastination pitfalls by beginning projects and assignments in a timely and efficient manner.